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Frequent Questions/Our Policies

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When can i expect my order? -  We make at order. Delivery can take between 7-21 working days, that's depending on what products/number of products ordered. When a product is at high volume with our customers we will regularly have extra items in stock that can be sent out within a 2-3 working days. All purchases are worked on as quickly as possible, our future aim is to have availability on stock that can be shipped within a few days. PS: You're awesome.




Returns? - We do not currently do returns. Becoming a part of TJSM is your choice! For the size of the brand and beneficial reasons to the company we do not currently except returns unless the product is for some reason faulty. Returns however can be issued after 12 hours of purchase, seeing as by then we would not have taken action on the production side of making your product for you. Email or contact us through instagram.




What is your shipping cost? - Our shipping for the UK is £3.49. We ship worldwide and shipping costs can be calculated when you are near to completing your purchase at checkout.




Where do you ship? - As October 2015 we now ship worldwide. Shipping costs match the estimated shipping for the region of which you are purchasing from. We want to ensure that we can connect and deliver with customers all over the world, especially you!




What are your responsibilities, what is it you do? - Our resonsibilities are to ensure we have a close connection to everyone involved. We have innovation and want to succeed. TJSM offers clothing & accessories for YOU. Our final producing stages are run currently by ourselves. Any print/embroidery/shaping/engraving/stitching is produced by our hands. Thats what we feel is special about TJSM. We take pride in making your order, it's not just about design and shipping to us, it's much more than that.




How can i contact you? How can i connect with you in a positive way? - below is our three social networking sites. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We use these sites to share our experiences, our work and drive. We like to get people involved and TJSM shares this across those platforms.


Instagram - tjsmclothing

Facebook - /tjsmandco

Twitter - tjsmclothing


Email Us -





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