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TJSM Cornwall

Hey! You! Below is the TJSM Blog

Thank-you for taking your time to have a clear insight into TJSM's process.


We love to blog.

1. The TJSM Shed.  

It's amazing how you can put your mind to something and get your hands on it. For example: "I'd love a shed". Thank-you to the grafters of this universe that enable people like us to show off a creative space! The whole idea to have a TJSM Shed was to connect with creative people, family and friends in a cool environment. It's somewhere where you can chill, plan, make & create. The thought of building on something and making it your own creative space sounds pretty damn good!

Made from wood, topped with felt. Your average shed. We wanted to keep it at a budget. Make it worthy of its contents by working on the interior and looking after it in the future. 

When you get told the phrase "garden shed" you immediatley picture a messy shed filled with lawnmowers and toys, covered in thick dust and cobwebs. MAKE IT COOL! Yeah, a shed for storage is kinda worth while and anyone can see sense in that. But if you dont need storage space but have a chance of a shed, grab it!


Building the shed didn't take an age. It was not complex. Applying the felt to the roof was a tricky two man job however. A great feeling to know about this shed is that it is second hand. Once a workshop, stained, basic, left unattended. It's now been taken over by new hands. Knowing it was once a workplace for someone else is cool. The shed is second hand, but renivated. With a touch of paint all over, sealing the cracks, holes & window ledges and applying minor touches made the shed take its shape (literally).

Once the exterior and interior foundations were altered or touched up it was time to start planning ideas for the interior. At first sight it was a hollow, but clean and inviting space. It just needed love and care, and LOTS of cool creative ideas.


In the top left photo you can witness an instagram sign. 

TJSM is heavily involved with photography, it is a massive influence and factor of TJSM. Many contacts, exciting projects, sales and more have came from the photography side. Especially Instagram. The Shed itself is an idea for shoots and aesthetically pleasing photos for us to share with you wonderful people. This is an idea for shoots and a fun spot for those that enter a shed. I know for a fact if i walked into a room with a phone in hand and spotted that instagram sign, i'd want to take a discrete selfie......

It isn't just about that piece of wood th\t says instagram. It's everything else involved that makes it aesthetic and pleasing on the eye. IT NEEDS TO LOOK INVITING!....



step by step the TJSM Shed has taken place. Once just a run down, paint spilled, mouldy, dusty and dirty shed and now one for the camera. We've added an old fashioned mickey mouse 'ring-throw' game. As shown above in a photo. There is now a sofa bed, not only can you chill, have a beer and take insights from creative minds...... but you can also sleep on those ideas too!


Electric? YES!

You can charge your phone in there?


Yes, it has bright lighting, windows for sunset glow. Adjustable double doors. Basically everything you need to appreciate good lighting during a photoshoot.

It has a workbench. Whats a creative shed space without one? On this lengthy table you can craft and build on your ideas manually. Not manually? okay then, charge your laptop and away you type on the sofa bed.

It's now filled with fun games, ideas, aesthetic ornaments, colour, aromas, pictures and many more creative pieces. It has come together perfectly. Thank-you for taking your time to have an insight on the TJSM Shed. Here's to 2016.



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