TJSM Cornwall


Talking sleeves. The success of switching up the arms on our work to live sweatshirts gave TJSM an idea to step up the creativity.

These sleeves talk to one another, something we have not seen before. A fun, quirky way of making it seem like a bunch of cotton is having a conversation with one another. The design on both sleeves was hand-written, a rustic sort of writing that reads "I BELONG TO ANOTHER JUMPER" followed on the opposite arm "DON'T LISTEN TO HIM".


The right hand sleeve was taken and replaced on a navy & gold sweatshirt. Simply swapping sleeves on a limited quantity. Our creative mind saw it as a bit of drama, a story if you wish of a young sleeve that goes missing and is adopted by another. The cruel side of things is the jumper itself having no consolation and heart towards the new sleeve. 


The Talking Sleeves Sweaters features the original TJSM logo from day one, and a labelled hem of the jumper. Available for the end of summer collection.



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