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Hello! welcome to our website. Hope you are all well and good. TJSM was founded in early January 2015. With inspiration, designing, courage and time well spent, we are proud to share with you our clothing & accessorie line. We are a clothing company produced and manufactured on in Cornwall, but involved in all areas across the United Kingdom. We reach out to as many of you as possible, and it seems that it's worked as you are reading this right now!


As a team we work together to design and produce the products that are right for you. We are always looking into updating, renewing, producing, learning and giving. At great prices on items such as sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts and more we take as much care as we can with your purchase and shipping, so why not experience that today? go ahead and check out our range of items and pick out what you like! if you're happy with your purchase you are most certainly welcomed back to our store at any time! it's yours to enjoy!


Have a great day!


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