TJSM Cornwall


Returns: We do not currently take returns however we do meet the following guildlines!


1. 24 Or Under Hours can be accepted after payment. This is enough lead time for us to issue a return fund, mistakes/wrong order placements and much more can happen and we understand this. We make at order so our items unless stocked up are made specially for you. Over 24 hours of purchase means that your product will have already been worked on and production has more than likely started. We want to make it beneficial to our team and suppliers and everyone involved, including you!


2. If an item turns up to your door damaged or not in it's described state we can issue a refund. The buyer will have to cover the cost of postage. Once the item has been returned and checked over by TJSM a refund will be made back into your account.



3. Please note and understand that due to our production side and the way we process orders, returns cannot be permitted to you if a wrong choice sweatshirt/wrong size sweater was delivered to you UNLESS it is our mistake through the packing.


4. If an item is a size too large or too small, we can replace it with a different size. For this to happen please contact us letting us know through our email. (See Contact). We only have limited stock, the chances of a replacement being made for you depends on the volume of the product through TJSM sales. It may take some time and an automatic replacement is not neccessary, so choose correctly when ordering.








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