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The post-feeling of Boardmasters was an incredible creative and motivated feel. The insights and ideas shared made AW18 so exciting to get started. This is going to be the biggest collection dropping at the same time since TJSM began. A collection that would feature so many unique styles. This collection is set to feature new styles of jumpers, a fleece, and a few hoodies too. Since BM and the look of the current fashion trends it is proven that COLOUR is loved more that ever. This collection is only going to feature warm items. No Tee's. Colour mixed with other colour, lots of cut & sewn items and more. The past few years have featured so many jumpers however it has always had the same style. This collection would provide something so different and 70-80% of the collection will involve cut & sewn items. The idea is to give back to our customers, and also take everything that has been said on board. Basically the aim is to give what the people want. One idea is making a product that will have been completely designed by our instagram followers. The idea to get our followers involved will give us future representation of what our next collection could also feature. It's good to like what you make but it's also good to know exactly what your customers want more of, and what they want us to try next. THIS AW18 COLLECTION IS 'MADE FOR YOU'.

MADE BY YOU. The Jumper That Made The Collection Be Named Made By You.

Multiple questions were asked on instagram. After the release that there is going to be a AW collection i wanted the people who follow most to get involved. My idea was to ask the followers two alternatives to a jumper being made within roughly 6/7 questions. Luckily, instagram allows you to put up a poll, where you ask a question and there are two answers people can vote for. The highest percentage of course takes the win, meaning the majority vote.

My questions were as follows: What colour? Grey or Black? What colour? Yellow or Pink?

These colours are most popular with TJSM over the past couple of years, and they are also either the most common or most loved. Yellow and pink are in. These bright colours are eye catching and loved by todays fashion industries. To go alongside them you of course have grey and black which are ridiculously common. These colours add simplicity and are known for being cold, basic, non - outgoing. After these votes went out, the people chose GREY and YELLOW. I no needed an idea of where the logo would go and how the colours would compliment one another.

The following questions: Cut & sewn cuffs, or cut & sewn sleeves? Embroidery on arms, or classic embroidery on chest? Label on neck, or label on hem?

The answers that were gathered on a majority vote declared that YOU wanted a grey jumper with yellow cuffs, classic logo placed on the right arm and a black and white label to be sewn onto the hem. The jumper would have a sister version which would of course be the opposite (yellow with grey cuffs). The thought of the jumper in my head seemed pretty cool, and when it came to life it achieved being cool.

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