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TJSM Cornwall




 TJSM had a break. Since 2015 when the launch was made onto the world wide web, TJSM has been making steps. Incredible opportunities have come our way and we have been able to create memories to cherish. Since the launch there's been minimal time where an 'Out Of Office' memo has been thrown into peoples faces when wanted to buy or enquire about a garment. It's pretty much always been active and it's always been nothing but love and passion, for the brand and our customers.

The time came for myself (Tom) to take a break from everything. At the beginning of the summer i decided to slow things down and bring the active status to a close in late May 2019. This gave me the chance to explore, take long drives, travel to a random country, hit up London, scout new models, make new friends, draw more, write more, relax more. Since the build up and dedication for the London Marathon in April it was nice to wind down and take time away.

The pressure became real for completing the London Marathon, the activity on social media platforms became very strong as well as dealing with TJSM itself and making it work. I knew that once i have hit and surpass my target goal for raising money for the Cornwall Air Ambulance and then completing the marathon, that i would slow things down before announcing i'm taking a break. I took away my most loved apps such as instagram and facebook. I didn't need to check emails, i did not need to respond to anyone. It was a period of time that was hard at first as i felt lost, but within a matter of weeks i felt better about being lost. Being lost was fun. 

 The need to take pictures of something and videos of something you feel would be great to look back on was still there, if not more. I had this mindset of wanting to do something different and exciting each day, i wanted to meet new people, travel around, take lots and lots of selfies. I purchased two disposable cameras to use on two separate holidays. One to Magaluf and the other to Budapest. Disposables bring out a 'caught in the moment' and 'candid' vibe to everything. I basically wanted to collect as much as possible over the summer but without sharing it. It was like the summer was a challenge of whereby you will have a sit down interview with someone at the end of summer and the person who can flaunt what they done will get the job, without sharing a thing beforehand. No stories, no publication or need to show the rest of your following what fun you are having. Something a lot of us are dependant on in this modern world. I was a ghost, and being a ghost for the summer is what made me become overly creative and passionate about making the TJSM comeback great.

Over the last 3/4 months TJSM has developed a collection for 2019/20. This features garments such as rugby shirts, open top fleeces/cardigans, shorts, tee's, hoodies, sweatshirts & more. The collection is titled 'EXPLORE' due to the fact i spent the summer exploring everything i just mentioned, opening up my mind and vision. I learnt so much, i felt new emotions, i had a new vision and listened to people close to me as well as exploring new cultures & looking into what past customers enjoy and what my intuition of future customers want. The pure happiness of being free gave me the desire and inspiration from around me to create everything in front of you.

This collection as well as re-worked, re-named and re-modelled old collections launches on Thursday 12th September 2019. Online, TJSM & ASOS Marketplace.

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